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Care Bears: Victis Honor Est In (Chapter 4)
It was late at night when the three set out. It looked like night, anyhow. Care-A-Lot had become so shadowed by storm clouds that sometimes it was hard to see if the sun was shining at all.
“Are you going to tell your family we’re going?” Flight Heart whispered.
“No, I’m not gonna tell them!” Honey Heart whispered fiercely. “No one needs to know!” Timber Heart chuckled slightly before Flight Heart stamped on his foot to silence him.
As they walked farther into the clouds, an increasing sense of dread could be felt in the air. Timber Heart coughed uncomfortably.
“Are we...going to where they used to round the Starbuddies up to? Big Star Point?” He asked. Honey Heart grimaced, and shook her head.
She didn’t know the way there, and frankly, she wasn’t sure she wanted to go. Young Starbuddies used to be led to that spot every year to become full stars before they faded away. Of course, they hadn’t been able to do
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Care Bears: Victis Honor Est In (Chapter 3)
Dinner in the Hall of Hearts was sullen, unmoving. Noble Heart said nothing, and True Heart was nowhere to be found.
"Rough day today," Timber Heart whispered to Honey. "Rough, rough day. I'm kind of glad you didn't come along."
"Yeah…" Honey said, thinking regretfully of her earlier excursion. "What happened?"
"We were supposed to be responding to a distress call," Timber Heart coughed. "It was a trap. Luckily we made it out, but it sure was close." Honey Heart shuffled awkwardly. She looked nervous, though she was definitely miffed.
She could engineer her way out of any trap. Maybe if she was there, they wouldn't have had such trouble getting out. Still, Honey Heart thought, You know what kind of danger was involved.
"Who'd you take with you?" She inquired. Just as he was about to speak, a frantic looking bird dashed in.
"What'd I miss?" He exclaimed, looking around with wide eyes. Timber Heart sighed heavily, gesturing to him.
"Flight Heart Penguin," Timber murmured, a small g
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Care Bears: Victis Honor Est In (Chapter 2)
(A/N: Sorry this bit is short, next chapter has more substance other than a flashback)
A long time ago, before anything at all unusual had happened, Honey Heart had resembled her name.
Her fur was a pale yellow color, and her symbol had been a heart beside a honey dipper. Nothing at all seemed off until one day, it mysteriously changed.
Well, it had seemed mysterious to Honey Heart's parents.
"This is unheard of!" They had cried, much to Honey's dismay. She was waiting for her chance to explain.
Honey Heart had always been interested in how things were put together and how they worked. Many a time had she done maintenance on the Caring Meter and Cloud Cars, but was always confused on why. Now she understood.
In the old symbol's place was now a gear beside a heart. It filled her with hope, to know she was right in her calling.
"Don't you see? There must have been some mistake with the old symbol!" Honey Heart had exclaimed. Her parents still shook their heads in confusion, repeating tha
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Care Bears: Victis Honor Est In (Chapter 1)
The Kingdom of Caring had crumbled.
No more were the glorious days of love, kindness, and saving those who were in need. No, now all the remnants of the family that lived there could only try to survive for themselves.
Now, the once tall and proud founders of the family struggled to keep anything going. Noble Heart Horse tried his hardest to live up to his name. He had to, for it was all he had left in the world that had been forsaken. True Heart Bear barely managed to keep her sanity. She had watched so many of her children die while she could do nothing. She and her fellow founder and mate had been rendered immortal by the Great Wishing Star.
They shouldn't have died. None of them should. Care Bears and their Cousins were special beings, neither animal nor human. But when the humans' world broke, so did they.
And so they were in quite the bind.
Out of the original Care Bear generation, one still remained. But this bear, Tenderheart, didn't have much time left. And so he, like all bef
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Laze A Lot :iconzedoimi:Zedoimi 6 0 Dancin' :iconzedoimi:Zedoimi 12 1 All You Need Is Love :iconthiscrispykat:ThisCrispyKat 136 12 Winter Wishes by Lea Voegeli :iconcaptainmockingjay:CaptainMockingjay 18 8
Care Bears III-- Prologue
The castle stood stark against the billowing black storm clouds; the crashing thunder deafening. Lightning flashed, illuminating the threatening towers and all at once disappearing, showering the kingdom in blackness once again. Shadows moaned and sighed hauntingly inside the castle, drifting listlessly. At the furthest corner of the room, a cloaked figure stood, hands behind his back. He watched the storm defiantly, his eyes fiercely aglow. Occasionally, he would gaze impatiently at the palace entrance, as though he were expecting someone.
In fact, No Heart was indeed expecting someone. And they were late. He growled impatiently as he turned his attention back to the storm. Ah, the storm. There was something about the raw power of the storm that the dark sorcerer found cathartic. Relaxing. Beautiful. But today, he could hardly focus on the rolling black clouds, or the chaotic war between the thunder and lightning. Instead, the storm was merely a distraction. Something to keep his atte
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Queen of Care-a-lot CH1

The Care Bears and the Queen of Care-a-lot


Inspired by a True Story
Care-a-lot is in trouble, and the Care Bears need Sophie Summers’ help! Little does she know, she is actually the new Queen of Care-a-lot. On her quest to save Care-a-lot, she learns about friendship, forgiveness, and caring. Can Sophie and her friends win against No Heart and his army of evil?
Chapter 1: Rainbow Colors –
Sophie Summers just wanted to enjoy a pleasant afternoon on the bike trail but it is ruined when Shreeky and Beastly bully her. In Care-a-lot, the Care Bears look for a way to boost caring on earth and it turns out that Sophie may be able to help them. 
Note: New Cleveland is a fictional town parallel to the real Cleveland, Ohio.
Chapter 1: Rainbow Colors
Sophie Summers walked al
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No Heart :iconzedoimi:Zedoimi 26 16 Prof.Cold Heart And Frostbite :iconzedoimi:Zedoimi 10 3 a whole lota love :iconzedoimi:Zedoimi 25 14 Behind the Times :iconkilo60:Kilo60 33 66 Moana Review :iconblazeheartpanther:BlazeHeartPanther 9 21
Theme of the Week Activity

Rainbow news everyone! Even though we still have a Christmas Coloring Contest going on, why not turn up the fun(k) in the group? 
This wonderful idea is brought to you by: :Iconxanderman1201:
Here’s the original journal.
“Theme of the Week” Will be an activity where I will post a journal each week of themes that Artists & Writers alike can use for their inspiration.  It could be an ongoing activity, if enough people are interested.
For the whole week, that is what that theme will be.
I will shortly make a theme of the week folder you can submit your art and writing to. Let's fill 'er up! :D
The first theme was: The Power of Friendship
(though I’m not sure if anyone participated then…)
This next week’s theme will be: Snow Fort.
This week is December 11
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Adventures in Care-A-Lot :iconlilifox:Lilifox 116 22 Care-a-lot Castle :iconcaptainmockingjay:CaptainMockingjay 23 18



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